Business Development Workshops

We partner with organizations, agencies and institutions to support emerging entrepreneurs and existing businesses in our community through capacity -building and business development workshops. 

business survey

The African Center for Community Development is coordinating with the Madison College Career & Employment Services office to assist businesses in our community in addressing their workforce needs. 

Why this collaboration?

Madison College Career & Employment Services partners with small businesses and nonprofits to connect them to a pipeline of diverse talent, ready to contribute to your business or organization. We collaborating to developing workshop for minority and immigrant business owners/managers to provide you the tools, resources, and partnership to assist you in building your team. 

Why complete survey? 

  • It takes only 5 minutes. We want to hear from you about your awareness of Madison College, your hiring practices and challenges, and potential workshop topics that would be of particular interest to you.  
  • We want to co-create the workshop with you. The workshop content will be developed based on the priorities you identify in the survey. 

Help us create a workshop that responds to your business needs! It takes only 5 minutes to add your voice.

Contact us for more information:

Past events

2023: Essential Quality Assurance Training for Assisted Care Providers. 

African Center partnered with the Waisman Center’s Community Outreach Wisconsin to provide this essential training for Assisted Care Providers in our community. This workshop aligns with our focus of facilitating business development within our community. This training aimed at ensuring that community members in the industry provide quality services. 

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