SAFE-Care Outreach program

SAFE-CARE outreach program works to reduce incidents of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse through culturally appropriate sensitivity training, workshops, and outreach events. In partnership with community-based service providers, we assist immigrant and refugee families to identify supportive services and resources.



A Roundtable for African Immigrant Community Leaders

We recognize the influential role faith, ethnic leaders, elders and community organizers play in shaping values and behaviors in our community. Their participation and insights in this workshop were helpful in deepening the conversation on domestic violence, an issue that discreetly impacts significantly immigrants in our community. The knowledge gained from the workshop will undoubtedly guide us in developing strategies to raise awareness and provide appropriate support services to address issues of domestic violence in our community.


Sponsors & Partners

African Center community leaders workshop on domestic violence flyer
Photos from Community Leaders Workshop

Northside Community Dinner

We ere excited to dine together with our neighbors, friends and families at the northside. We had resource tables with materials from local community organizations.

Partners & Sponsors:

  • PHMDC Violence Prevention Coalition (A big thanks to Veronica Figueroa and Melinda Knuth!
  • Madison Community Policing Foundation
  • Vera Court Neighborhood Center 
African Center 2023 Northside Community Dinner
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